40 High Tea Recipes and Party Ideas to Inspire You (2024)


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40 High Tea Recipes and Party Ideas to Inspire You (14)

Afternoon tea is a British tradition dating back to the 19th century and is one of the most popular themed parties today. Whether for a bridal shower, birthday party or Sunday afternoon with friends, a high tea party never disappoints. Traditionally, high tea is served from mid to late afternoon and includes an assortment of finger sandwiches, scones, cookies and sweets. It’s the perfect way to celebrate any occasion big or small! Take a look at our favourite high tea recipes and ideas for throwing an epic party!

How to Throw an Epic High Tea Party

1. Offer an Assortment of Teas
Offer an assortment of tea flavours in both looseleaf and tea bag options. Black teas such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey are always popular, but be sure to have caffeine-free, herbal teas available as well. Chamomile and Peppermint are always a hit! Accompany the tea selection with cream, milk, sugar and lemon to ensure all your guests are happy.

2. Create Your Menu
A selection of light bites is just as important as tea for your high tea party! Put together a menu of finger sandwiches, scones, sweets and pretty much anything bite-sized. We’ve rounded up a selection of high tea recipes below to inspire you!

3. Decorate Accordingly
For a high tea party, your table will be the star of the show. Make sure it’s laid out with clean linens and your most special cutlery, plates, glasses and bowls. You’ll want to have your teapot, teacups, saucers and spoons out and set your small bites up on a tiered cake stand. Flowers are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your high tea party.

4. Set the Dress Code
For a truly epic high tea party, set the dress code to “semi-formal” or “garden party”and encourage your guests to dress in bright colours, pretty dresses and florals. And of course, fascinator hats and statement gloves would be a great addition.

5 High Tea Party Essentials to Invest In

1. Stovetop Tea Kettle
This ROCKURWOK Tea Kettle comes in 3 different colours and it’s perfect for an aesthetic high tea party. It’s made with high quality stainless steel and a solid wood handle and lid so you can grab and pour it without worrying about burns. All your guests are sure to love it!

2. Electric Tea Kettle
Another option for boiling your water is an electric kettle. These tend to be taller and can fit more water, so depending on the size of your party, may be more suitable for your needs. The COSORI Kettle boils water in 3 to 7 minutes so you don’t have to wait long for refills.

3. Teapot
Once your water is boiled you’ll need a teapot to steep your tea. This “royal” ceramic teapot is ideal for a high tea party! It comes in 6 different colours and was designed with the British royal style in mind. It’s equipped with a deep stainless steel infuser and has good heat preservation to keep your tea warm and enhance the taste.

4. Teacup and Saucer Set
Pretty teacups and saucers are a must for a high tea party. This porcelain floral tea set features gold trim and is perfect for mix and match. The cups and saucers are dishwasher safe so they’re easy to wash post-tea party.

5. Tiered Cake Stand
Along with tea, of course your high tea party will have food. Small bites are typical for high tea, whether it’s finger sandwiches, scones or shortbread cookies. A tiered cake stand is a very royal way to serve your delicious bites. This one features durable porcelain, a glittering gold trim and a pumpkin shaped style design that just screams high tea.

40 High Tea Recipes to Inspire You

1. Cucumber Sandwiches | Spend With Pennies
2. Lemon Glazed Earl Grey Scones | The Food Blog
3. Easy Bacon Cheddar Egg Bites | Kay’s Clean Eats
4. Easy Ham and Cheese Tea Sandwiches | Oh How Civilized
5. The Perfect Cup of British Style Tea | Food
6. Almond Scones with Cinnamon and Vanilla | The Spruce Eats
7. Shortbread Cookies | Preppy Kitchen
8. Mini Lemon Blueberry Cheesecakes | Live Well Bake Often
9. Mini Lemon Meringue Pies | Delicious
10. Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches | Momsdish
11. Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches | Oh How Civilized
12. Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies | Sugar and Soul
13. Berry Tartlets | Taste of Home
14. Lemon Drizzle Scones with Lemon Curd | Delicious
15. English Tea Sandwiches | Preppy Kitchen
16. Lemon Bars with Shortbread Crust | Sally’s Baking Recipes
17. Mini Cinnamon Rolls | Wood and Spoon
18. Salmon and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches | The Spruce Eats
19. Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips | Inspired Taste
20. Cucumber Avocado Tea Sandwiches with Dill and Mint | Post Punk Kitchen
21. Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies with Lemon Glaze | Kitchen Konfidence
22. Cucumber and Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches | Taste of Home
23. Gluten Free Rose and Pistachio Cake | Delicious
24. Crab Salad Tea Sandwiches | You Betcha Can Make This
25. Glazed Lemon Drop Cookies | Barefeet in the Kitchen
26. Mini Chicken Pot Pies | Sugar Salt Magic
27. Mini Lemon Raspberry Cakes | Taste
28. Mini Pink Lemon Baked Donuts | The Missing Lokness
29. Tuna Salad Tea Sandwiches | Eat Smarter
30. Classic Devilled Eggs | NYT Cooking
31. Smoked Salmon Wraps | All Recipes
32. Lemon Cranberry Scones with Lemon Glaze | Food Network
33. Almond Biscotti | Taste of Home
34. Cheese and Onion Scones | Australia’s Best Recipes
35. French Macarons | Sally’s Baking Recipes
36. Lavender Tea Bread | All Recipes
37. Mini Pecan Pies | Food Network
38. Nutty Chicken Sandwiches | Australia’s Best Recipes
39. Dulce de Leche Caramel Tarts | Rock Recipes
40. Easy London Fog | Oh How Civilized

An afternoon high tea party is such a special and elegant way to celebrate any occasion. Use our ideas and recipes to throw an elegant high tea soirée your guests will love!

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40 High Tea Recipes and Party Ideas to Inspire You (15)

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40 High Tea Recipes and Party Ideas to Inspire You (16)


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40 High Tea Recipes and Party Ideas to Inspire You (2024)


What are the 3 main foods served at an afternoon tea? ›

Afternoon tea comes in three course, the sandwich course, the scones and finally the pastries. Traditional sandwiches would include: cucumber, smoked salmon, coronation chicken, ham and beef. Some venues serve these on different types of breads. These would be followed by the scone course.

What do you serve at a high tea party? ›

roughly four little sandwiches per person (2 or 3 kinds); 1 average or 2 small scones: always one with cream and jams/honey; sometimes also one savoury variation. 1 or 2 pieces of cake/pastry (if 2, one rich, one simple) a few salad and fruit garnishes: lettuce, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber, strawberries, etc…

What examples of items would you find on a typical high tea menu today? ›

What to have for tea. There aren't any rules when it comes to the food, but a standard afternoon tea menu comprises a tier of sandwiches, a tier of cakes and one of scones or teacakes. But you could also throw in pastries, petit*-fours or biscuits. Don't wear yourself out by taking on too many ambitious bites.

What makes the perfect tea party? ›

Serve an assortment of foods, both savory and sweet. If you don't have a lot of time to prepare, buy store bought items and embellish them. Make food beautiful by decorating it with edible flowers and fresh herbs and serve on beautiful plates-it is all in the presentation!

What's the difference between high tea and afternoon tea? ›

Whilst they both include tea as a beverage, afternoon tea includes delicate pastries, little sandwiches, scones and cakes. Whereas high tea is typically a more wholesome meal of meat, potatoes and vegetables served after a long hard day at work.

What is a typical English high tea menu? ›

A traditional British afternoon tea is quite a substantial meal, there should be tea served in a teapot and china cups. There should also be a stand with scones, jams and clotted cream, a selection of dainty cakes such as eclairs, sponge cakes and finger cut sandwiches such as cucumber, ham and mustard etc.

How do you plan a high tea menu? ›

The Perfect Afternoon Tea Menu
  1. English Breakfast Tea. Teas. ...
  2. Egg mayonnaise, cucumber, and smoked salmon sandwiches, afternoon tea favourites. Sandwiches. ...
  3. Freshly Baked Scones. Scones. ...
  4. Delicious Strawberry topped cakes. Cakes and Pastries. ...
  5. Scone with sweet jam and thick cream. Jams and Spreads.
Aug 8, 2022

How many sandwiches per person for afternoon tea? ›

How many sandwiches per person at afternoon tea? Prepare 3-4 sandwiches per person for your afternoon tea at home. The cake stand will be stacked from top to bottom with delicious food, so there will be lots for your guests to choose from, and you can be sure nobody will go hungry.

How many items per person for a high tea? ›

People will need at a Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea approximately 5 to 6 items to choose from plus cake. This is an ideal number of food items as many people haven't had time to stop for Breakfast or Lunch and have been on the go all day and need some substantial bites to get them thru.

How to dress for high tea? ›

Dress codes for high tea are semi-casual, and you're expected to dress presentably while not looking too formal. Longer dresses, , and more modest dresses, blouses, or two-piece outfits fit well with high tea. Make sure you pay attention to whether or not your high tea is indoors or outdoors to plan the best outfit.

What time should a tea party start? ›

Traditionally, a tea party is held anytime in the afternoon. It is typically held around noon (11:30 AM to 12:30 PM), or afternoon (3:00 PM to 4:00 PM). Really, anytime is good for a tea party.

What is the tea party motto? ›

Tea Party protests evoked images, slogans and themes from the American Revolution, such as tri-corner hats and yellow Gadsden "Don't Tread on Me" flags. The letters T-E-A have been used by some protesters to form the backronym "Taxed Enough Already".

What is the first thing to serve in a full afternoon tea service? ›

The correct order to eat the traditional Afternoon Tea is to eat the sandwiches and savouries first, then move onto the scones, ending on the sweets. There are many traditions and superstitions about the way you should eat your scones.

What do Americans eat for afternoon tea? ›

American Buttermilk Biscuits

Biscuits can be served like scones with butter, jam, marmalade, lemon curd or even honey or molasses. However, they are just as frequently served with savory items such as ham, bacon or gravy. Our Southern American Afternoon Tea menu includes Ham Salad Sandwiches on Buttermilk Biscuits.

What is classic afternoon tea items? ›

Usually consisting of a selection of teas, freshly prepared finger sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries with all the trimmings, a light Afternoon Tea should allow for 4 sandwiches, 2 scones and 2 cakes (of different varieties) per person.

What are the 3 major meals? ›

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: What Eating Three Meals A Day Can Do.


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